Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Dior Exhibition @ Harrods

Look familiar?

Not only do you now have the opportunity to re-live the magic of Charlize Theron striding down the Hall of Mirrors but you can now experience the very essence of Dior on the fourth floor of the world's most famous department store. This month, Harrods pays homage to one of the most renowned fashion houses that has ever existed through a lavish pop-up exhibition that spans nine boutiques and thirty three window displays - only took 18 months' preparation!

Travel through time to bear witness to some of Dior's most emblematic works of artistry from the cinched-in waist, to the full skirt, which celebrated revolutionary new turning points in women's fashion. Adorned with panels explaining the craftsmanship involved from sketchy idea to style innovation, you can truly appreciate the touch of creative genius that has shaped the 67 years of the Dior fashion dynasty. You will find yourself drooling over the opulent exhibits of miniature evening dress prototypes before creation and the one-off vintage dresses worn by the most sought-after Hollywood pin-up girls - no less than the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Rita Hayworth.

The classic traditions of Dior is brought right up to the present day, showcasing bizzare yet beautiful new creations and the free-thinking outside-the-box creativity for which the brand is famous. You can even see the real-life gown from the J'adore Dior campaign in all its golden splendour. And trust me, you will be biting your lip to resist the temptation to rip it off the mannequin to try it on for yourself.

I could divulge more but I'll leave it up to you to discover your own Dior experience. I will finish off by saying that whatever important arrangements or pressing rendez-vous you may have in the weeks to come - cancel them! This exhibition is something you will not want to miss. In the words of Charlize, j'adore!

Gown worn by Charlize Theron for the J'adore Dior campaign
Worn by Audrey Hepburn for Harper's Bazaar 1959
Worn by Princess Diana for the 50th anniversary of Dior
Evening gown worn by Elizabeth Taylor for the Academy Awards 1961

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