Sunday, 17 March 2013

Inspire me: The Trench Coat

It's definitely all about big is beautiful and this season the new must-have for your wardrobe is, yep, you've guessed it - the Trench! If you're in need of a little inspiration, look no further! Hope you have had a good weekend and let me what you think. Any favourites?

Milano Mode: This is my personal favourite. It's understated and elegant and I love the way her brown suede boots match the colour of her scarf. The trench coat and the maxi bag balance out the skinny jeans, creating a top-heavy look but it completely works! Gorgeous!

Quirky glam: It takes a certain personality to be able to pull off this look and honestly, she's got it! For those who like to stand out (in a good way!), this is the outfit for you. The pairing of deep navy and white against shocking pink is something truly beautiful. This is no ten-minutes-before-the-shops-shut number!

Style in layers: This outfit is another one I love. The layers of a shirt, knitted cardigan, boyfriend hoodie, complete with the trench on top to create a casual but stylish outfit perfect for the day.

Vintage beauty: Vintage is totally back and no harm can be done through raiding your mother's or grandmother's wardrobe looking for gems of garments which radiate that old-world charm. This look has just that. I love how the all-black ensemble underneath creates a more striking visual of the embroidered detailing and bright colours of the trench.

Back to black: I'm a big fan of black - it's classic and timeless. This outfit has been put together with selected matching accessories for a very striking look. In this case - the booties, the satchel and her beautiful hair...who now wants red hair?

Retro classic: I'm gonna be honest - I'm not all that keen on the colour I'm not so sure. Who ever thought mustard, burgundy red and green could look so beautiful? This look is very simple and easy to achieve with staple items of clothing.

Big is beautiful: Keep it simple with a giant trench! Not only must it be nice and warm inside but it looks great!

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