Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Stella Jean Lookbook: Spring 2013

I have just stumbled upon a designer, that, up to a few hours ago was completely unknown to me. Stella Jean, the product of an Italian father and Haitian mother, visibly blends the two profoundly diverse cultures through her creations, contrasting yet linking the refined elegance of Europe against the tropical fantasy of the Caribbean as a way to express her dual cultural identity.

This union is not difficult to notice in her Spring 2013 collection, which explodes with multicoloured prints, ethnic golden jewellery, Caribbean silk headscarves, flowing skirts and straw hats, all on which Stella Jean firmly stamps her unique seal. Into the exotica she blends a somewhat 50's vibe through the elegant below-the-knee hemlines, raincoats and denim shirts all of which make to create a rich melting-pot of eras and influences by pitting the old against the new, the East against the West. The two veins of culture that intertwine throughout give the collection a refreshing vitality through style and colour.

I'll finish by saying that I'm glad I've found her and I cannot wait to see what she will come up with next. What about you?



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