Thursday, 4 April 2013

Instyle April 2013: True Blue Baby Blue I Love You

Just want to share with you an editorial in Instyle's 2013 April edition, for those who have not yet read it. It's called 'True Blue Baby I Love You', featuring French model Olga Kurylenko and has a very Sixities vibe to it, which definitely seems to be the new in-thing for this season (take a look at older post here.) The geometric shapes and straight lines wonderfully evoke the decade as do the block colours and bold prints. The nostalgia of the 'good ole days' is balanced with a more modern twist to the editorial, combining the old with newer elements such as cropped tops and shorts. 
The photographer is Damon Heath who I have stumbled upon thanks to these very shots. Just take a look at his website to view more of his work, all of which has that Sixties feel to it. If you're racking your brain for inspiration on the era of Love&Peace and Flower Power, look no further than this. You won't regret it!


  1. love the black and white striped dress!
    all these outfits are beautiful :-)

  2. Love Olga! She has such a natrual class about her.