Monday, 15 April 2013

Mango Catalogue: Summer 2013

Gosh I love the Mango summer collection this year. Simple silk vests and chemises, slouchy pants, lightweight blazers and jackets, all teamed up with bold golden ethnic-inspired jewellery create the perfect look for balmy summer days and scented evenings.

An eclectic mishmash of styles, colours and designs runs throughout the collection: juxtapositions of blacks and whites with infusions of colour and a mix of sophisticated and relaxed convey the idea that there is no 'right' way to wear these clothes. You are beckoned to experiment with them for yourself, in order to create your own signature through fashion. Block colour and Aztec patterned combos are also prominent, combining classic elegance with that distinctive 2013 twist. For me, this is the best of uncomplicated style. Simplicity is always the key, pair it with a couple of exquisite accessories and you've got a killer look.


  1. Loving this collection, it is fabulous.

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  4. Love this collection, Mango always has tasteful, timeless designs!

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