Saturday, 23 March 2013

TFW: Matohu Fall 2013

One of the collections that I adore from Tokyo Fashion Week is that of Matohu. Long woollen coats, quilted gilets and modest below-the-knee bell shaped skirts were big on the agenda this fall, all with an infusion of delicate shades of greys, creams, olives and teals. A playful use of texture pervades the collection, with interesting juxtapositions of heavy swathe tweeds and wools balanced with lighter fabrics such as silk, cotton and chiffon for blouses and skirts. The clothes are all so incredibly different to the quirky eccentricity of their French and Italian counterparts, yet, because of this, they possess a certain quality of charm so befitting to the ideal of the demure Japanese lady.

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  1. amazing coat in the first picture!